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Born in Paris, globetrotter by vocation, Sandro Joyeux has traveled a million kilometers with his guitar on his back to gather traditions, dialects, and sounds from the Southern world. He sings in French, English, Italian, Arabic, and various dialects like Bambara, Wolof, and Dioula. In recent years, he has performed in hundreds of concerts in Italy and abroad, including live clubs and prestigious world music festivals. His deeply inspired storytelling about a migrating and transforming world makes his message more important and relevant than ever. On stage Sandro Joyeux is a pure injection of energy, with a repertoire ranging from original songs to reinterpretations of classic and traditional African tunes—a journey through the rhythms of the desert and the dusty roads of West Africa, between the suburbs of Paris and the reggae of the Jamaican ghettos. Whether alone or with the band, the result is always the same—you can’t help but move.


Primo Maggio (Roma) – World Refugee Day Live (Firenze) – Festival Rythmes et formes du monde (Dakar) – Expo Yeelba (Ouagadoudou) – Centre Culturel Tabadoul (Tangeri) – Ariano Folk Fest (Avellino) – Estival (Lugano) – Festival au Desert (Firenze) – Calafrika Festival (Catanzaro) – Rotonda del Festival (Locarno) – Microcosmi Festival (Varese) – Eutropia Festival (Roma) – Dea Fest (Reggio Calabria) – Umbria Folk Fest (Orvieto) – Ecosuoni (Salerno) – Sherwood Festival (Padova) – Etnica Festival (Firenze) – Folkest (Udine) – #WithRefugees (Firenze) – World Climate Day (Roma) – IFEST (Roma) – Indigeno Fest (Messina) – Joggi Avant Folk (Cosenza) – Villa Ada Roma incontra il Mondo (Roma) – Negro Festival (Salerno) – Festival Musicastrada (Pisa) – Forum Universale delle Culture (Napoli) – Festival Percorsi Diversi (Potenza) – Festival Nuove Impressioni (Alcamo) – Festival Suona Francese (Milano) – Live Rock Festival Acquaviva (Siena) – Giornata Mondiale del Rifugiato (Roma) – Imola in Musica – Notte Bianca (Patù) – Internet Festival (Pisa) – Carrara Incontra l’Africa – 110Hz Festival (Pisa) – Sancore Folk Festival (Salerno)


In 2012, he conceived the “ANTISCHIAVITOUR” (AntislaveryTour) supporting foreign agricultural workers throughout the peninsula, which led him to play in all the symbolic places of migrant labor exploitation. He has played multiple times in the tent cities of Rosarno and the Grand Ghetto of Rignano, as well as in the C.A.R.A. (refugees reception center) of Castelnuovo di Porto (Rome) and in numerous SPRAR (Protection System for Beneficiaries of International Protection and for Unaccompanied Foreign Minors). Between October and December of 2017, he was the protagonist of the #WithRefugeesTour, sponsored by UNHCR and in collaboration with the NATIONAL SPRAR NETWORK and RADIO POPOLARE. Since 2014, he has been a musical guest at the Commemoration Day of Memory and Hospitality promoted by the October 3rd Committee in Lampedusa.

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